Succeed with hybrid meetings

Virtual Workinar for Executives & Managers

Two available dates:
- 24 November 2021, at 9-11 am UTC
- 1 December 2021, at 6-8 pm UTC
(1-3 pm EST / 10 am - 12 pm PST)


Learn from field leading experts
Ulrika Hedlund & Theresa Sigillito Hollema

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What managers need to know to efficiently lead in the digital workplace

Do you find it difficult to lead your team remotely? 
To collaborate and communicate via digital platforms and hybrid meetings?

To make hybrid work functional, strong digital leadership is a requirement. Managers and Executives need to take the lead and think digitally first. This virtual workinar will give you a unique opportunity to gain new insights and guidance from leading experts in the field.

Theresa Sigillito Hollema, author of the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Create Successful Teams Around the World and Ulrika Hedlund, internationally recognized Productivity Expert and founder of Storyals, lead this exclusive workinar*, where you as a manager will learn how to lead and work more efficiently in the hybrid workplace.

In this inspiring two-hour session, you will gain new insights about the complexity of hybrid work, and what it takes to create an inclusive workplace, even when employees are not working from the same location.

The session covers:

Storyals-new-logo-white-transparent Research-based knowledge of how to lead virtual teams
Storyals-new-logo-white-transparent Hands-on guidance and practical tips for hybrid meetings
Storyals-new-logo-white-transparent Exercises that you are able to try for yourself
Storyals-new-logo-white-transparent In-depth discussions and exchanges of experience


*So what is a workinar?

A workinar is the perfect combination of a webinar, and a workshop, which enables you to perform practical work tasks together. In other words, inspiring, efficient and educational at the same time!

The event is sponsored by Storyals, to the value of USD 250 / person. The session is held through Microsoft Teams and number of participants is limited - so first come, first served. 

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Learn from field leading Experts

Theresa Sigillito Hollema-1

Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Author & Expert in virtual teams

Leading expert and lecturer, with a focus on virtual teams. Theresa works with business leaders around the world, to strengthen organizations' communication and collaboration. She is the author of the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Create Successful Teams Around the World.

Ulrika Hedlund cricle

Ulrika Hedlund

Productivity Coach & CEO of Storyals

Swedish ed-tech entrepreneur and founder of Storyals. Ulrika is also an internationally recognized Productivity Expert and public speaker in digital leadership. She is recognized by Microsoft as one of the world's foremost tech visionaries (Microsoft Regional Director).

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