Drive Digital Leadership

- Upskill for the modern workplace

Free webinar for decision makers within HR and Digital Transformation

Thursday 24th March 2022

Hosted by: Ulrika Hedlund & Pia Langenkrans from Storyals, and Tareq Hijazi from Microsoft UAE

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Invest in your people and build strong digital leadership

Is your organization ready for hybrid work and does your staff have the right skills? Do you have a strategy for working with continuous training and keeping up with the rapid digital development? It's time to find a sustainable way of working, that includes both those who work from the office and those who work remotely.

Welcome to this inspiring webinar! You will meet field-leading experts and learn more about how to build strong digital leadership!


The term digital leadership is used for both organizations and individuals. On an individual level, the concept means that the leaders themselves have sufficient digital competence and lead the way for the rest of the team. That they adopt new digital ways of working and take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technology. On an organizational level, it means to efficiently and strategically use the company's digital assets, such as software, cloud services and other digital tools, to achieve more and better results.

So what can you do to strengthen your digital leadership?

In this webinar, you will learn about trends and innovations in digital learning. You will also learn how to work proactively with digital training in organizations and companies.

Ulrika Hedlund och Pia Langenkrans, internationally recognized experts on digital work, will host the webinar. They will give you best practices and recommendations for how to succeed with upskilling and training of employees, and how to drive strong digital leadership throughout the organization. Tareq Hijazi, Public Sector Director for Microsoft UAE, is invited to give you trends and valuable insights from the industry in the MEA region. 

You will also get an exclusive preview of Storyals WorkplaceBuddy. A groundbreaking, chat-based training product in Microsoft Teams, which disrupts traditional corporate training!

The session covers:


Relevant research and trends in corporate digital training.


Solutions and tools for org-wide digital training. What's the key to success?


Recommendations & inspiration for how to strengthen your digital leadership.


Leading the webinar

Pia Langenkrans circle_grey bg

Pia Langenkrans

Productivity Coach, Storyals

Digital workplace expert, with a wealth of experience implementing digital ways of working in both private and public sector. Pia has helped organizations across the globe setting up digital strategies and structures, and is a frequent keynote speaker at industry events.

Ulrika Hedlund cricle

Ulrika Hedlund

CEO & Productivity Coach, Storyals

Swedish ed-tech entrepreneur and founder of Storyals. Ulrika is also an internationally recognized Productivity Expert and public speaker in digital leadership. She is recognized by Microsoft as one of the world's foremost tech visionaries (Microsoft Regional Director).

Tareq Hijazi

Tareq Hijazi

Public Sector Director UAE, Microsoft

With more than twenty years of experience in the IT industry, before joining Microsoft in 2001, Tareq has held various key roles in the MEA region. Prior to his current role he was the Regional GM for Microsoft Bahrain and Oman. 

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