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Digitize Your Frontline Workers
Train your employees to work smarter with Microsoft 365

Provide your organization with a modern, world-class training product, designed to continuously INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EDUCATE on new digital ways of working.

Train Your Employees
Work Smarter
Experience the Difference

Storyals Training gives your frontline workers on-demand access to high-end, video-based learning, on all the powerful tools in Microsoft 365. The short, easily digestible courses, leverage the power of storytelling and highlight real-life scenarios, on how to use digital tools in everyday work tasks. With the focus primarily on work from mobile devices, the learnings can quickly be implemented into your business to level up operations and better serve customers.

And training doesn't have to be boring! With Storyals, learning becomes easy, and you build new skills right in the flow of work.


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There’s so much available, especially in Microsoft Teams, but very difficult to figure out best practice and keep up to date. So how do we train our employees? On our own, it would be practically impossible. As we saw this as a long-term project, we needed someone to lead us on that journey.

- Victor D'Amato, VP Corporate Controller at Ulbrich -

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Increase Competence

Maximize learning through continuously updated story-based training courses and coaching by field-leading experts.

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Boost Productivity

Strengthen the ability for people to work digitally and improve cooperation within organizations.

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Drive Change

Inspire and motivate new ways of working to become a part of the internal communication.

With Storyals you get:

Field-leading expertise and story-based training courses focusing on Frontline workers and mobile devices.

Always updated and relevant training on how to work effectively with Microsoft 365.

A scalable and cost-effective way of upskilling large teams or whole organizations.

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Inspire. Motivate. Educate

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