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Train Your Frontline Workers 
Get them up to speed on new digital tools in Microsoft 365
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Invest in your people.
Take your business to a whole new level. 

We are working on training courses for the heroes out there who rarely see the inside of the corporate office. The ones who are driving, delivering, working on the floor or standing by the register - the key people who meet with customers and make your business run smoothly. 

By providing your employees with Microsoft 365 Frontline licenses they get access to mobile and web versions of powerful productivity tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, To Do, Bookings and much more. By training your Frontline workers you will help them make use of these tools and unlock their untapped potential.

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This is training for organizations that:


Have invested in Microsoft Frontline worker licenses (F3) for their employees.


Are looking to onboard Frontline workers to Microsoft Teams and other apps.


Want to provide inspiration and guidance on new digital ways of working. 


 Aim to increase the return on F3 license investments.

"There’s so much available, especially in Microsoft Teams, but very difficult to figure out best practice and keep up to date. So how do we train our employees? On our own, it would be practically impossible. As we saw this as a long-term project, we needed someone to lead us on that journey."

Victor D'Amato
VP Corporate Controller at Ulbrich

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