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Boost digital leadership with Storyals! 

Do you find it difficult to manage and lead your team in the digital workplace? Does it get complicated when employees don't always work from the office and you have to communicate, plan and follow up via Teams? Bring in Storyals! Book a workshop for your managers and improve your digital leadership!

Making the digital office work, and making everyone feel included, is all about building strong digital leadership. This workshop focuses on how to become a better leader in the hybrid workplace, through effective hybrid meetings.

- Pre-engagement meeting with one of your stakeholders.
- 3 hour workshop for 4-10 people.
- Follow-up meeting with one of your stakeholders.

Lots of new insights, understanding and best practices. Guidance and help in identifying your own meeting routines and creating processes that are accepted by everyone. The workshop is led by one of Storyals' productivity coaches.

2,500 USD
NOTE! Some organizations can get the workshop funded by Microsoft. Contact us to see if your organization is eligible.

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I want to know more: 

"It's now up to managers to take advantage of the enormous upswing that has taken place in digital adoption in recent years. The next step is to focus on strong digital leadership. To create an inclusive hybrid workplace, where everyone can collaborate and reach their full potential, it is necessary to review everything from facilities and devices, to work methods, routines and skills."

Ulrika Hedlund, founder & CEO for Storyals

This is Storyals!

We are truly passionate about what we do, and believe no organization can afford NOT to make digital adoption a priority.

Let us tell you why!

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Self-paced and instructor-led training, leveraging storytelling to maximize learning.

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Training concepts designed for today's busy professionals, delivered by field-leading experts.

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A solution to continuously encourage new ways of working to achieve more.

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